Torry's Hardware Ltd

Keys, Locks and Padlocks

We stock a wide range:

Keys Cut Hundreds of different key blanks always in stock,

including multi-coloured "Fun" key blanks (makes them easy to identify)

Keys cut while you wait, for door locks, padlocks.

Compare our prices: Standard 'Yale' type keys from £2.85 each, also mortice and security keys

Special High Tensile chain, almost impossible to cut, can be ordered in your specified length and thickness.

(Make sure your Harley Davison (or bicycle in these days of money saving) stays where you lock it )

A good range of Abus, (Abus) also other less expensive, mortice and rimlocks.

Padlocks in many sizes from inexpensive to to 'Top of the Range high security padlocks

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