Torry's Hardware Ltd



We carry a wide range of CK Hand tools

We stock almost everything "A Real Aladdin's Cave"

Screws, loose or by the box, almost all sizes in steel, plated, brass, stainless, black japanned.
In Phillips, Pozi and slotted styles.

Nails, panel pins, gimp pins, upholstery pins etc. loose or by the box

Galavanised roofing nails and roofing felt

Bolts and machine screws and nuts and washers

Hinges in brass and steel. Repair plates and corner braces

Frame fixings and Rawlplugs.

Hacksaws, Handsaws, Padsaws, Fretsaws, Coping Saws etc

Drill bits high quality drills from 0.5mm to 12mm , also less expensive boxed sets

Masonry and wood drills, hole cutters etc

Glues and adhesives of many kinds

A very good range of plumbing parts in copper and plastic. Plastic fittings, pipes and guttering.

Electrical Goods

Electrical wire by the metre, extension leads, switches, junction boxes and connectors

Many different sorts of lamps, flouorescent tubes & LEDs (everybody is fitting them now)

Decorating Materials

Get ready to smarten up your home for Autumn with our paints and emulsion.

Paints, varnishes and emulsions. (Hammerite)

Brushes and rollers, turps etc

Putty and fillers, sandpapers by the metre or in sheets

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